Popular Kendal Thai restaurant Bangkok 7 released a new takeaway menu for 2020.

There are price rises on many item. 25-50p extra going on side dishes, and starters and main courses increasing by £1-2 each. Rice is not included with main courses, so remember to add a minimum of £3.50 (jasmine rice, others are more) to go with your main.

I’ve not double checked the figures, but I am fairly sure that they are the most expensive takeaway in Kendal. For a family of four a meal is likely to now cost around £10 more than it did last year. I’ve not been there (yet), and I suspect that the pricing is because there is no discount compared to dining in other than the 10% off if you spend £30 or more on your order, but for me I feel like it is more likely I would visit there for a meal (as it does look lovely) rather than for a takeaway at those prices.


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